Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Things From Unexpected Places

Katy Perry.
I think everyone must know of her music (if I know of her music) by now.
Still, it wouldn’t hurt too much (would it?) to give it just one more listen?
[If you don’t immediately recognize the name, that’s okay: Just Keep Reading.]
Did you know
Wait, what? who are we talking about?
Katy Perry?
The one who’s said she kissed a girl, and liked it?
The Katy Perry who’s compared California girls to cute candy -- sweet and superficial?

(And yeah, I know I just spelled “girls” wrong. I was just wanting to make the point to my better-educated readers that, when I hear people talk about California girls,
I’m never assuming it includes "u".)

Well, anyway, yeah: I’m talking about the very same Katy.
And her most recent hit single “Firework” -- while the music video may initially make you smirk or smile and then shout Danger! Danger! when you see fireworks launching out of hundreds of people’s chests -- besides being catchy and therefore money-making, it also makes a good point:    It don’t matter if you’re sick or gay or fat; if you’re you and you are human, you’re worth looking at and worth loving because you’re special.
Isn’t it cool
someone who sings trashy pop music
and dresses so weird
could teach us something so profound?

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