Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kanye. (need i say more?)

Now I know this is gonna sound funny,
but only recently was I introduced to Kanye.

A friend of mine who finished college outside Chicago
moved back there this past fall,
and I was visiting him late one night 'round Thanksgiving
and after talking for, like, three hours,
he took me out to his car, even though it was FREEZING,
and lent me some CD's of his (how generous!),
including Mr. West's Late Registration.

And I know Kanye hasn't gotten a good rap recently
among people who didn't appreciate what he did back in '09
(stealing the show from Ms. Swift), but then of course the two've since made up, and all is well now, no?

It may be obvious to you that Kanye West has made lots more great music since his 2005 release,
but what can I say?    I'm a late registrator to the school of hard raps and hard knocks.    And it's still exciting to me.

So, whether like me it's all new to you,
or else you've really already heard it before,
Late Registration deserves another listen.

Leave alone (if you can) the explicitness of the lyrics;
Focus first on the varied texture of Kanye's musicality:
He's got (on this album) mellow and loud, jarring and smooth;
There're darkly humorous skits,
Bold celebrations of his success,
Melancholic muses on the state of U.S.,
Poetic odes of eloquence (commemorating his Mama and his Granny),
And a shocking indictment of those who use Blood Diamonds,
something I think we can all get behind.

Basically, the whole album's AMAZING
(which, to some, is no surprise),
A real Collaborative Effort      (Jon Brion, Jay-Z, Adam Levine, and others contributing),
and worth listening to in its entirety
(as I've been doing in the car and at home fairly often these past two months).

I hope I'm not too late to the party.

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