Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Experiment

All right, so…
I’ve been reading lots of really great music blogs lately,
And they’ve given me some new ideas about formatting / presentation.
Many of them, if they’re also about music discovery / exploration,
Post each day about some little known band that’s very recently come out with new music (and somehow come to the blogger’s attention) (and somehow fits their style or catches their ear, or they’re just trying to be nice … which is nice)
And they include one good photo of the band / their music
And they include at least one song sample, so the readers can easily become listeners too. Because, for these bloggers, it’s all about promoting good music.
And I’m on board with this.
But my agenda is a little bit different, in that (besides promoting new music) I’d also like to promote old music (if it’s good), and good movies – whether old or new – and good writing.
So…  I’m not sure if imitating other music blogs’ format is going to work for this blog.
But I thought it was worth a shot.
It looks like this:

Jukebox the Ghost was introduced to me, not by someone I “know” know (that’d mean that I have met said person actually in person), but by someone I’ve found on the web. The name is dysonsound and he makes websites (pretty well, too) and writes about music that he likes.
Jukebox the Ghost? They're a band based in Philadelphia, started while in college in Washington D.C. They toured with Ben Folds for a while, and now they're on tour again with a band I've never heard of (called hellogoodbye). Jukebox has two albums out, one of which came out just this last September, and it’s got some good songs. They're high on the piano, got a steady beat, and plenty of sunshine. Here's a free song to sample: "Empire" from their newest album, Everything Under the Sun.

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