Monday, February 14, 2011

To Be Zombie

Sometimes, one's got to be absurd
to be understood.

And sometimes, being really funny
let's you say things that
would otherwise sound too cheesy.

That's what makes Zombieland so good!

smart, witty banter between quirky, but likable, characters
gory, (scary) spoof on the zombocalypse scenario.

but better.     (or at least, different,         because it's not British,
but, as I've already admitted,
I do like the British thing.)

The credits' cast of characters was the shortest I'd ever seen.
And therefore, perhaps the strongest because, of the seven listed, I knew five, and loved every one.

Jesse Eisenberg is the shy, awkward, nerdy-type that I was friends with in high school,
and he stars in one of my favorite films of 2010 -- The Social Network.

In Zombieland, his name's Columbus,
and he's one of the last surviving humans on earth,
mostly because he's a loner and follows his "31 Rules" meticulously. 
Rule 2: Beware of Bathrooms
Rule 31: Check the Back Seat
Rule 17: Don't Be a Hero

Emma Stone is also in the movie
And she is............................... hot.  [I said it]
And probably too sassy for my taste.  [good thing we've yet to meet.]
She stars in another 2010 favorite of mine -- Easy A.

In Zombieland, she plays Wichita.
(everybody's named after the "town which they'd like to identify as home" -- a fun game to play with friends, by the way, once you've seen the movie.)

Abigail Breslin plays Wichita's sister Little Rock.
(and she was in Signs and Little Miss Sunshine, so she makes me smile.)

Woody Harrelson plays Tallahassee,
and is in desperate need of some Twinkies. (another smile)

A certain someone has a cameo as himself, dressed up as a zombie, and is very funny.

And I don't know any of the other actors, but they're all playing zombies anyway, so it doesn't matter.

So, as I said,
the movie's pretty funny,
even when our heroes are being chased by zombies.
And the dialogue is out of this world.

Case in point:
Columbus: [after his attractive neighbor, having sought his comfort & protection the night before, changes into a zombie and attacks him]                You see? You can't trust anyone. The first girl I let into my life and she tries to eat me.         [he then smashes her over the head with a ceramic toilet lid] 
Okay. So, some of the humor is kinda sick and morbid.
It also involves a good deal of 'vulgar language' --  but that's humor for you:
Rarely ever kosher or politically correct, but        It makes you laugh.
[walking into a grocery store, looking for a Twinkie, armed with a baseball bat]       Time to nut up or shut up!
[Tallahassee kills a zombie in said store]
When Tallahassee goes Hulk on a zombie,
he set the standard for not to be fucked with.

[and then Tallahassee knocks off the head of another zombie]
But I didn't like the movie just for the snarky / morbid sarcasm.
I also liked the "moral" :

At one point, Columbus learns
His hometown's been scorched
And his parents are dead
(not that he had much relationship with them anyway).
He admits
[in another one of his funny voice-overs]   "I have no home."

But he is looking for one.
That is, he's looking for a family to belong to,
and he finds it in this odd bunch of survivor-misfits:
Tallahassee, for example, teaches him Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things.
Wichita gives him a kiss
and inspires him to be a hero.
And Little Rock lets him be "Older Brother" and watches Ghostbusters with him.
They also kill a lot of zombies together. In a fairly nonchalant way.

And that's why I liked it,
Because I could relate
(not to the zombocalyptic world and the killing, but to the, you know, not-having-a-home sort of thing).
I need family.

Do you?

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