Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Video Game-Based Film: Yay!

Or at least sort of.
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is based on a comic book series (graphic novel),
but when it debuted this past summer,
a video game came out simultaneously.
And the movie repeatedly references video games
with Zelda music and coin tokens and leveling up and having to defeat evil bad guys...
So, it's kind of like Prince of Persia.
kind of like The Green Hornet.
kind of.

Basic gist:
Scott Pilgrim (played by one of my favorite comic actors, Michael Cera) is a lazy Canadian living in the same town he grew up in, playing in a band (The Sex Bob-ombs), and dating a high schooler. Then he meets Ramona, the girl of his dreams, and an American. But before they can really get serious - well, actually, they do kiss and sleep together first, but whatever - Scott has to defeat her seven evil ex's. One is a vegan; one is a movie star; one is a lesbian; and one is a full-of-himself recording label producer. Gay roommate Wallace prods Scott on: "If you want something bad, you have to fight for it." And Scott fights, and he wins. And everything ends happily ever after. or something like that.

The cinematography is really cool and inventive. It moves fast. like someone with Attention Deficit Disorder. Maybe it's the director (Edgar Wright), who's also directed Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz -- two other fantastic films.
I don't know.

But Scott Pilgrim hits at some important points:
Relationships aren't ever easy.
We all have baggage.
And sometimes you have to fight for your (boy or) girl.
But Scott Pilgrim's funny because it takes those truths literally.
© 2010 Universal Studios.

And, though Scott dies and ends up in a desert,
he gets an (extra) life,
and wins two swords,
Power of Love and Power of Self-Respect,
with which he defeats Gideon Graves
(same actor as in Rushmore)
in Chaos Theater.
Very Dramatic.

p.s. Beck wrote some of the music for Scott Pilgrim's band The Sex Bob-ombs. kinda cool. if you like Beck. and fake emo music.

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