Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Li'l Bit of Jumpin' Action

People say,
are only meant for Entertainment."
And most of the time,

It isn't true.

But sometimes...

Well, I don't know
if this is ever true actually,
because even a film that's "for entertainment only"
is a film that's also teaching you
that on occasion It's Okay to Sit Back and Just Enjoy Yourself.

As it happens,
I recently did just that
when my roommates and I watched

The movie is actually based on a video game --

And you can tell, because
There are these sweeping camera shots
of large armies and of castled cities,
and there's a lot of roof jumping,
as in the video game by the same name,
(I once watched my younger brother play it)
or as in Disney's Aladdin.

[Incidentally, this roof jumping thing
has recently become a kind of sport, going by the name Parkour.
(What will they come up with next?)]

Anyways, the movie Prince of Persia
might be thought of as a cross between Aladdin and Indiana Jones.
There are quests through ancient deserts
to find magical artifacts (that can transport you back in time).
And a street rat gets adopted and becomes a (surprise!) Prince of Persia.

There's a little bit of romance,
a lot of action and adventure,
suspense, a happy ending ...
And a nice moral:
(which, I admit, might not always apply, but it applies here and that's nice)

"You Can Trust Your Brothers,
Especially the Adopted Ones."

Note: The movie lacks historical credibility,
but, hey, Remember: It's meant to be Entertaining, right?
So, Don't Criticize!

Second Note: The movie ends with our hero starting back at the beginning, with the chance to "get it all right" the second time around. Wouldn't it be nice if life were like that? ... Anyway, I guess that's one more reason why it's a video-game movie.

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