Monday, April 25, 2011

In the Midst of Things

Small Town girl escapes her boredom and misery
by lying about her age and joining a roller derby.
Now she knows she can "be her own hero."
It's good times.

The movie's kinda slow, but it doesn't drag.
There are a lot of girls
hitting each other
getting & giving huge bruises.

And Jimmy Fallon wears a big red cowboy hat.

I think anybody could/should like this movie
Even though it's a little sentimental/cliché
The movie (directed by Drew Barrymore) isn't all that unrealistic either (witness: Roller Derby website) and anyway, it's sorta inspiring. sorta... Anyway, it's also really funny.

Ellen Page (from Juno, and Inception) plays Bliss, aka Babe Ruthless,
The girl who works as a waitress (at the Oink Joint BBQ - a real restaurant)
But wants something more.

Bliss' mom wants her to win a beauty pageant,
because she feels like her mom (back in the 50s) didn't give her enough "life direction" as a young girl - and she's insecure about her looks.
But Bliss isn't buying it.

Then her friend Maggie Mayhem (they have great skating names)
gives her a word of advice:
"Just because you found a new family
doesn't mean you throw the old one away."
And then Bliss gives her the finger.

Later, thinking her baby-rockstar boyfriend has cheated on her
(never proven, but...)
Blister (as her dad calls her)
is seated on the floor eating mac & cheese out of the pan
and tells her mom:
"Please don't judge me right now."

(and I could say the same to you, young reader:
Don't Judge.
But then, it doesn't really matter.)

So anyway, this is how my flatmates and I spent our afternoon,
Eating chocolate and avocados
Watching Whip It
and Procrastinating.
(it's not a sin.
it's a cultivated skill.)

Ope!     I've gotta go: Sadness.
The Holy Rollers just took the victory from the Hurl Scouts in the league championship ... and I've got to go give Ellen my support.

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