Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello All.

Last Thursday was my birthday: Surprise.
Actually, I think most of my readers already knew that.

But the question is, Did they know that one of my favorite bands, Fleet Foxes, performed a surprise concert in their hometown (Seattle) for my birthday? Pretty cool, right?

Okay, I admit It wasn't actually for my birthday, but it was on the same day.
And they surprised some people who were there with new songs from their upcoming album (Helplessness Blues).

I really like the band because their music sounds ethereal and chill at the same time. It's like you're wandering through a forest of fairies and there's hippie music playing, but then you listen closer to the lyrics and it's something really deep, something tight, something you can stand on and connect to.

It's fitting then that I first heard the beauty of Fleet Foxes' "Blue Ridge Mountains" while driving around curvy, country roads and past stony farm houses just outside Greenwich, Connecticut with a good friend of mine, who's a very solid, yet gentle character himself.

My friend's far away now, but the music is still with me.

And the lyrics, I think, are surprising in their exactness and their ... elusivity.  (i'm pretty sure i just made that word up. i'd give you the definition, but it's escaping me at the moment, if you get my drift.)

Take, for example, the following from their pre-released lead single:
"I was raised up believing I was somehow unique / Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes unique in each way you can see / And now after some thinking I say I'd rather be / A functioning cog in some great machinery serving something beyond me."
Crazy, right?         Who says that? Who honestly says that?
But, then, for some reason, I like it. It has a certain appeal.

(Incidentally, the song "Helplessness Blues" is free to download. The Fleet Foxes' lead singer has admitted, surprisingly, he's totally okay with people downloading and sharing music whether through official or unofficial routes. He says it's a great way to be exposed to new music and (for bands) to new listeners. That too is crazy, right?)

"Helplessness Blues" starts very exact sounding, but by the end, you're not quite sure what it's saying, though the sound sticks with you.
This song: "Mykonos" :has a certain elusivity too that's easy to understand intuitively, but more difficult when you try to get a firmer grasp:
"The door slammed loud and rose up a cloud of dust on us / Footsteps follow down through the hollow sound torn up / And you will go to Mykonos / With a vision of a gentle coast / And a sun to maybe dissipate / Shadows of the mess you made."
Sounds like someone's running away from their pain, to me.

Anyway, there'll be more about this surprisingly cool-faced, and warm-hearted, music group in late May. After I hear them in concert at the United Palace Theater.
So, Stay Tuned!
And Happy Birthday.


  1. Hey, your birthday is a day before mine, how neat.

    For some reason, I had a really hard time getting into Fleet Foxes' self titled album, but I love the EP and I've acquired Helplessness Blues (through, er, unofficial routes) and I really, really like it. It's a great album. Robin Pecknold's lyrics, especially, are a lot more straightforward and honest this time around--though still pretty elusive too, I guess. I think you'll dig it.

  2. Sweet!
    That's very cool
    (both the birthday coincidence and the "unofficial" acquisition of a great CD).

    Your EP has shaped up pretty nicely, Youngest Son. I especially like your latest and, as perhaps said before, "Untitled Memory Song." Well Done.