Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things I Don't Understand

As we approach the three-month mark of MediaRunner's online presence and we consider the holiday season, I thought I'd present the pop culture equivalents for theology's mysteries of faith. They mostly apply to music, but a few can also be applied to film.
1. Why do some people assume that "pop music" is superficial? Why doesn't it come across as good? Why are its beats so catchy?
1(a). Why do so many people assume that movies are merely (or even mostly) for entertainment? Why is it so hard to understand and appreciate what they have to teach us?
2. Why are classics always so old-fashioned? Why does it sometimes take an authority to convince you that a "classic" is worth watching or listening to? Is it ever okay to ignore them (the classics, and by extension the authorities' opinion)?

3. Why is it that the songs we listen to in our teen years tend to be the music we love the most (and the longest)? Why is it that, even when you know that your musical taste has been largely shaped by the music you happened to listen to in high school/college, you still find yourself preferring that music? It's like something almost gets set in stone, in spite of ourselves. It makes life seem so random.

4. Is it the words (that is, the meaning of the word) or is it the sound that's more important? Can you ever separate the two? Why is the sound the first thing we hear -- it's what catches our attention -- but a "poetic" string of words is what makes a song last -- it's what holds our attention?
4(a). Is it the "style" of a film or its message that is more important? Can one ever come without the other?
5. Why don't all genres of music (or all movie genres) appeal to all people? Why are "rap" and "country" (or "horror" and "documentaries") so polarizing? Why does "indie" music all seem to sound the same, at some point? Why can't we all just get along?
 So there you have it.
They're mysteries because I don't have answers.
But if you have answers, I wouldn't mind hearing them. Doubt doesn't well suit a believer.

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