Saturday, April 30, 2011

When You Just Want to Break Something

"When You Just Want to Break Something"
aka Music to Work Out By.

I figured - as I'm wanting to work out, pump iron, run, play sports, get outside and get active, exercise more, etc. - now's a good time to start forming an opinion on punk/rock, metal/rock bands like...

Honestly, I still have no idea how to write about these guys
because the way they write their music
and express their emotions
is in many ways at odds
with the way that I typically express myself.

That is to say,
I don't yell very often.

Nor do I do well expressing ANGER.

But these bands seem to have it down:
fast Energy, heart-felt Screaming, heavy Bass, head Banging, well-timed Expletives, and lyrics of Defiance.
And sadly (if somewhat insincerely) I must confess:
Weird Artwork, Tattoos, Moshing, Huge Muscles, Violence ... These aren't things that until now have done much to describe me. Not that I'm opposed to them. But they just haven't been things that I naturally relate to. Not that I know why.

So, all this makes it difficult for me to appreciate hard rock, punk, and metalcore music.
But, I'm trying
because, to be honest, there're cool people I know
who like it
and I figure, if only I listen long enough, I'll understand, at least a little bit more, and that then I'll be a better person for it, because I'll have learned better how to cope better with anger, and to be "tough."
What do you think?


(yeah, I'm not sure that logic follows either. plus, there are way too many commas in the sentences above, so the grammar's all out of whack. but, whatever.)

Two things, though, I have noticed are
1. The Message in the songs of these two bands, Rise Against and Killswitch Engage, has a lot to do with Justice and with Trying to Make Things Right - which is why they protest the unfairnesses. So that's cool.
2. It's interesting that while Rise Against might be taking themselves too seriously Killswitch Engage has retained an amusing sense of humor (see this video - no need to watch it all, if you don't want). So, I'm seeing subtle differences in the way people scream and a variety in the ways people get angry. and that's interesting.

Anyway, here's a good song to sample:

"Holy Diver," by Killswitch Engage

(one of my favorites for Rise Against is the song "Architect" - about being proactive and making a difference and not just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for Good to happen. seems reasonable.)


  1. I don't know if you know this, but the song Holy Diver is actually a cover of a Dio song from the 80s. Killswitch does it great justice, though, and adds a really unique modern edge to it. But I'd definitely recommend checking out the Dio version to get a better appreciation of Killswitch did here.

    Also, if you are interested in other bands who deal with pretty deep philosophical and religious themes in a metal manner, Nevermore is the best out there.

  2. @Jonathan
    I see what you mean. It's like Killswitch took a rather good song and an okay music video, and brought it to perfection. or at least, that's how I see it.

    And... Nevermore? Sounds great, from what I've heard so far ("Emptiness Unobstructed" and "Believe in Nothing"). Thanks for the tip!