Sunday, May 29, 2011

Can you put a price on love?

We were in the living room. We all had our laptops, typing away – this is the twenty-first century after all. And we were watching a movie. Priceless.
No, really. The movie was called Hors de Prix, aka Priceless.

AUDREY Tautou – the girl from Amélie – is buying all these things – typical girl – shirts and shoes and dresses and rings and necklaces and things.
And there's this guy who has trouble saying “No.” – yeah, he's sorta a wimp.
He works at the bar of a fancy hotel, and he has a nice, meek, passive personality. 
It’s Iréne's birthday. and her sugar daddy got too drunk and fell asleep.
Meanwhile, the barman (going by the name Jean) had fallen asleep on the job, drinking and smoking a cigar with a late-night hotel guest. Iréne comes down and wakes him up with a thrown peanut. And then … “un an plus tard” …
[The girls I was with (who shall remain anonymous) were not big fans early on:  “SO Awkward” were the most common catchwords.]
Anyways, Jean (Gad Elmaleh) wants *desperately* to go out with her. But she keeps buying things, lots and lots of things – which forces him to transfer his savings, investments, bonds, and pension into his checking and then into her hands – and he’s soon finished. Bum out of luck. Broke.
But even then, he offers her his very last euro, to have just ten more seconds of her time.
The film is very French, in a way, being full of loveless sex and small manipulations.
I mean, only in France would a woman just live off a man’s hard-earned money.
No, I mean seriously. the movie would quickly lose you if it weren’t for the suspense and compelling absurdity – I mean, the woman’s a jerk! – but the seduction!
Our dude in “armor” (a shiny black suit) – he stays so nice, but learns the art of seduction – the unfinished sentences, the sulking, the far-away look, the playing hard-to-get –
It’s a love story, but a strange one, one a little difficult to believe, because it sorta shows the worst in us, when we’re lazy and just wanna be comfy and have everything handed to us on a silver platter.
We want protection and the nice companion – and we don’t get it, but we dream – and yet, in this film, the dream comes true, sort of.
The guy and girl get together at the end, but not in a way that’s ultimately satisfying. For, all the old men and the elder woman – they’re all hung out to dry, lonely, but rich. And the young couple – they’re finally at a place to love each other, and they have absolutely no cash.
Iréne doesn’t even have her shoes. In a classic Cinderella move, she's left them on the floor in the hall. The two have no money. They're on a moped. She has no shoes. They're in love.
What are they gonna do?

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  1. Saw that movie a few months ago. The ending is pretty cute, I've got to say.