Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dancing, Music, and Happiness

Words to Live By: Love 
So... this is an ode to Sam my flatmate ("flate" for short).

It's also an ode to music.

And to those who love the Christian Scriptures - Have you heard the world is ending today?

Love is tuneful. Love is sweet. Love is found (or can be) in whomever it is you meet.
Love too is found in the oddest places. It fills inconspicuous and abandoned places.
Love is found in those unexpected moments when you're confused and lonely and someone invites you to dance, to dance to the beat of a band called Neon Trees (and their new album Habits). And it's catchy. very catchy. And the words are just right. And the music is peppy.
Yes, Love perseveres. It always trusts.

Love is not rude. So it gets up and dances.
Love is not self-seeking. So it shares with the world. (The very hip Mark Hoppus shares about Neon Trees here.)
Love doesn't give up or quit. So... "Oh oh / What are you waitin' for? / Take a bite of my heart tonight."
I hear, "Love never fails." So ... let's take it easy and ... listen to Neon Trees.

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