Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thor: to be epic

This is just a teaser.

I've written a review of the new movie Thor (after seeing it yesterday in 3D and really liking it), but it's being published not here at this site but somewhere else, at

Go Check it Out!

The movie's got the basic action/adventure, mini-romance, and fighting that you'd expect from a superhero film. But it's also got some great character development amid a fairly dysfunctional family. And everything seems to blow up for a reason.

Two things I didn't talk about in my review over at TheCelebrityCafe but still thought was interesting:

- The secret agents that appear out of nowhere, so reminiscent of Area 51, the CIA or something... They made me wonder what I'd do if someone just broke in to my apartment and stole all my notes and journals and research and stuff. What would I do then? (probably "do like the Romans do" and go sit up on a roof with some friends, if they'd join me. actually, now that I think of it, I hope I don't need an excuse like that to go sit on a roof. Anybody have any suggestions -- for roofs, that have great views?)

- The way the movie and the characters mess with science and magic ... alternate universes, moving through times and cultures, looking at the stars, mixing astronomy and mythology ... I liked that. It makes me all the more fond of the medieval world.
And I feel bad because medieval Europeans didn't have movie theaters. (nor did they have fireworks or tomatoes or chocolate. but who's counting?)  But anyway, their saints had a lot more visions. And they actually believed in sea monsters and unicorns and spirit-filled forests and magic and gods and death-defying heroes, so maybe their world didn't need movies. It had enough excitement of its own.

So to get back to my main theme: Thor: God of Thunder is bound to strike you with awe and send you spinning with wonder. It'll leave you excited and make you think -- and you'll be longing for more.
Who would have expected so much from just another summer blockbuster?

O, yeah. And since I know she'll be reading this eventually: Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. Don't forget Mystery Plays; I'm so jealous that Medieval audiences got those and I don't! And I would sit with you on a roof, so long as you provided beverages.