Friday, May 27, 2011

What Sort of Music Makes You Happy?

You know when you've had a bad day
and you get home
and you just want to watch a happy chick flick (like Enchanted)
or watch a funny comedy show (like Parks and Recreation)
or take a nap?
Yeah... I don't know where I was going with that.

But!     Point is: Some days, you want to be in a good mood,
so you play some of your favorite songs,
music that makes you dance, or
music that makes you smile, or
music that makes you smile AND dance, at the same time!
Um, yeah.
That sort of thing.

What sort of music is that for you?

I like the Weepies.

The Weepies - Sampler by nettwerkmusicgroup


  1. I love discovering things :-) and especially music...I just discovered I like the Weepies! Especially "Please speak well of me".

  2. So glad I could be a part of your discovery, Francine.

    Not sure where you'll be this summer, but I thought I'd let you know, the Weepies will be on tour this summer - maybe they'll come close enough for you to see them! Here's their tour schedule: