Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bands with Funny Names

So I'm headed out again to Chicago this weekend...
kinda exciting.

And so I feel it appropriate that I introduce you to a band I was recently introduced to: they go by the name Ornery Little Darlings.
And they're based out of Chicago.

They've got a sexy, old-fashioned feel - like they're accessing some fun, jazzy beat from the first half of the twentieth century and making it their own, and ours.

The way singer Jason Ewers just talks to you in a rambling sort of way, as if his very voice is banging out the keys (and not his fingers) - That first reminded me of Alex Ebert. (you know, the guy who was touring as Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros not too long ago, but then who recently has been 'going solo' and making music for his EP Alexander, which debuted in March 2011).

Now, the voice of Ornery Little Darlings' Jason Ewers is gonna remind different people of different things. They describe themselves as sounding somewhere between Billy Holiday and Lou Reed. Now I like both those people, so I'm not likely to disagree, but ... I think they're doing something a little different.
Dan Henshaw over at loudloopress says they remind him of the mid-80s Mekons (a British punk rock band that's still touring apparently). And a review over at FrostClick says the song "Three Way Death Play" reminds the listener of a cross between Bob Dylan's guitars and Morrissey's singing.
So you have your pick.
As for me, I don't know. I hope Ornery Little Darlings make more music. And I like the way their song "Games" makes me feel - I think that it's the best song they've got out at this point.

Another album I've had playing nearly non-stop on my iPod lately, while walking the streets and riding the subways of NYC, is the Dodos' No Color. I mentioned in a post back in early March I'd been listening to them, but then, like the flowers that bloom from the bulbs you plant in winter, these past two weeks there's been a resurgence. And I have to say, It's hard to find songs more alive and colorful, and with a more relentless drumbeat, than that on the Dodos' most recent album.

Plus, you've just gotta love their name.

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