Monday, June 27, 2011


So... I've been writing a lot of things lately.

And not really get paid for much (any) of it.
But that's okay, right? 'cause I do what I love! right?

Anyways, I thought I'd give you all some links, so you can read more of what my mind's thinking.
In other words, so you can read my mind.
and make me wish I'd never wrote them.

Naw - just kidding. You reading what I've written makes me happy.

So here you go:

A review of Brothers of Brazil, a new band from (you guessed it!) Brazil. They're punk-rock-samba-pop. Sounds like fun, right?

Then there's a New/Old Blog I've got going again now. It's on tumblr, and it's gonna be some random pickings of things I find around the web and want to share. (it was getting too much to only share on facebook and twitter.) The idea is of me finding things that I like and exhibiting them for others to read or watch or listen - as in a museum.  (the current name MediaRunner's Arch├Žological Finds - being a little cumbersome - is open to revision.)
So there is the idea.

Thirdly, it doesn't have to do with music or film really, except I did just watch Blue Valentine (2010) which (sorta) makes the point I'm trying to make in this short, little essay - talking about how, when it comes to marriage, people (especially more traditional religious people) should probably take it a little more easy and not feel so much pressure (nor create the pressure) because it doesn't help any.
So that is that - published on this cool new website I'm a fan of called THEOLOGY21.

And then, briefly:
Blue Valentine - would you believe it? - was actually a rather depressing, if artful, movie.
Though our protagonists' marriage might be described as 'sexless' now, the film doesn't really hold back - which sorta makes the sex more awkward, than a pleasure, to watch. And the feeling of inevitability in the movie, like there's impending doom and nobody can do anything to stop it, drove me crazy. Ryan Gosling, though, I've got to say, plays a mean ukelele. And I liked that the narrative wasn't as straight-forward - in this case, it wasn't weird or overtly artsty - it was appropriate. Because they'd only bring in the flashbacks when the protagonists themselves were reminiscing, and stuff in the present wouldn't make sense unless...  Well, you'll just have to try and see it.

That's all for now.
Toodle Pip!

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