Friday, July 8, 2011

Ain't it a Thrill to Get Older?

Finally saw Black Swan (2010) late last night.
(late at night seemed appropriate.)
And I’ve decided:

Yes, no doubt it’s a psycho-sexual thriller centered all around ballet
And [what’s her name] has a fantastically stunning performance
Even if she’s not the only one doing the ballet [remember her body double feeling jealous?].

But, I think it’s equally clear the movie’s about...

One childishly-girly woman (named Nina) with an over-protective single mother

Who (the mother) “gave up her career to birth her daughter,” and is now both trying to live vicariously through the daughter’s talent and appearing simultaneously to act way-super jealous of her daughter’s noteworthy achievements,

And then who (the daughter now) has got this somewhat-predatory and flat-out stern ballet director who wants to have sex with her

and she (Natalie Portman still, playing the daughter) on top of everything else has a definite inferiority complex
that though she’s extremely talented makes her an extremely paranoid (semi-schizophrenic) perfectionist, because she doesn’t know (because her mother and her director certainly won’t tell her) she has such great talent
so she’d rather overachieve at ballet than have sex,

and this makes her rather vulnerable to the newcomer from California, Lily (played by Mila Kunis), about whom she (Portman’s character) even has lesbian fantasies at one point.… when they were out drinking.

And the girls’s also got way too many dolls (though she does throw most of them away at one point – she’s growing up!). She behaves too much too often like a little girl. To play the black swan, she has to learn to toughen up a bit.

And so, in sum, I’d say the movie’s about one messed-up girl’s coming-of-age
Via sexual discovery and high-stakes ballet.

Though the movie’s made to be visceral
(e.g., the loud bone-snapping-and-cracking sounds)
And ever so slightly disturbing
This sort of story, I’d think, doesn’t have to be so intense.
I mean, come on! What’s the big deal
About a young girl growing up?

Yeah, her schizophrenic paranoia leads to her accidentally(?) impaling herself with a shard of mirror
Yes, all her close relationships are unhealthy and slightly manipulative
No, she doesn’t have any real friends, nor does she know how to take it easy
: She’s messed up.

But then, aren’t we all?

Anyway, it was a new sort of film for me – being so dark, and focusing so much on ballet. And I guess it had a certain cinematographic beauty to it.

The off-kilter camera angles – so zoomed-in: it was hard to get a perspective on/sense of things.It sorta made your blood curdle …

Anyway, I’ve seen it now.

And all I have left to say is,
Well, gosh, that’s sad:
she doesn’t have any friends.

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