Friday, September 9, 2011

Don't Cry: It's the Weepies!

Music is funny.
Life is too.
Both are funniest
When they sneak up on you.

The other night
I went to a concert
In the sometime great
City of Philadelphia.
Photo Courtesy of Jessica Haldeman

The Weepies were playing
At the Theater of the Living Arts (TLA)
On South Street
Near Jim’s (good place for cheesesteaks).

The concert was cute,

Really Great Music
With a really great set:
A little city on the left
And paper boats – large and small.

On the right
A standing leaf-less tree
Drawn on with blacklight-friendly chalk.
And many, many stars in between.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Haldeman

My friend and I were right up on the stage
(Standing room only)
At one point, my friend let our performers know
She’d happily bake them cookies.

And they heard us.
And we heard them.
They’re on a stripped-down acoustic tour:
Quite intimate.

It was almost like we were in their bedroom
With them, playing guitars – and (on bass) Jonny Flower.
[Or maybe a living room analogy ‘d be better.]
Steve Tannen and Deb Talan sang each other love songs in various keys

With various instruments – guitars, pianos (keyboards), the glockenspiel,
Harmonicas. They sometimes sang sitting (in antique, ornate chairs painted white)
And sometimes sang standing. A few each solo.
And most songs together – like a duet

Always accompanied by long-haired, looming,
Stern-eyed, bearded, bass-playing Jonny Flower.

They played (though it’s rained ever since)
“I Was Made For Sunny Days.” And
“Be My Thrill” and “Love Doesn’t Last Too Long”
They played too.

Told us about their one- and three-year old
Twirling and singing Oooo to their tunes
Before during the sound check

It was really nice.

The Weepies have had songs in a lot of TV shows:
“Scrubs” and “How I Met Your Mother,” for instance.
And they used to tour in their Toyota Corolla
But now they’re making it more big, you know?
Because they’re connecting.
They left us with a jaunty encore:

“Be My Honeypie.”

Whatever I was missing before hearing the Weepies play their thing
I have it now.

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