Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Exploring My Musical Tastes (and yours)

There’s this band with old style lyrics and look – but their music, despite expectations, I find super-boring. They're called The Low Anthem - and they sing of lost loves and apothecaries, and they have a retro look. I think their music just moves too slow. Or maybe it's just that their songs just don't have enough at stake - maybe there's not enough emotion behind them?

I'm really not sure.     They're kinda a big deal (in some circles).

Then there’s this band s/he that's hopped onto some sort of electro / synth bandwagon.    (They're kinda obscure right now, though they're on bandcamp and iTunes. I learned of them through Groopease, whom had before introduced me to their earlier incarnation Ella Riot. Before that, they were My Dear Disco: They have a name-changing issue. They even coined their own genre, DanceThink, for music that's meant to engage your brain as much as your feet.)    These guys are danceable, sexy, fun, but (perhaps a bit) repetitive and "unsophisticated." I mean, (from their debut self-titled album) I really lOVE their song "Here with you" which has a fast, groovy bass-line keeping me going. And "Love War" manages to move my inner robot, heart, and soul all at once. Gotta give 'em props!
But I just don't see myself leaving their album on repeat.

Which is why I'm coming back to Mumford & Sons.
They never get old. They seem somehow to always get it right.
I’ve listened to their album Sigh No More 20+ times since buying it in June, and it's still often my go-to band, whether I'm in a good mood or bad.

Despite being touted as a folk / indie / bluegrass sort of band, they're played on the radio all over England, the U.S., and the world.
Their secret? I think it's the sincerity and passion - the authenticity, and their ability to express a range of emotion in each and every song.

And that continues to hold true with their new single, "Ghosts That We Knew." They're singing about a relationship that's broken and (most likely) isn't coming back. But somehow, they're finger-picking, banjo-playing, soft-accordion music still turns hopeful. It's really remarkable.

But what am I saying? You all already know Mumford and his chums are amazing. So I'm just gonna get out of the way and give you the music:

Here With You by sslashhe

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