Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mac Miller: From the 'Burgh (Pittsburgh)

It never hurts to learn something new, right?
All the better, when you're learning something new about people younger than you.
(It's ultra-fresh.) [Alright, I agree, that was a stupid phrase. I have a lot still to learn.]

Anyway, point is, last week I discovered Mac Miller - the white 19-year-old rapper from Pittsburgh who debuted his first album last November and blew away the competition with the first independently-distributed album to hit No. 1 in sales since 1996.
Yeah. Woah.

How did he do that?
Well, I'm not totally sure, but I'd say it must have been the music videos. He has more than five music videos (and they're not cheaply done) with over 10 million views each!
He's also approaching 2 million Twitter followers.
And he wrote a song called "Donald Trump." which apparently went over very well with the Trump [he called Mac the 'new Eminem' - mostly on skin color].

Did I mention Mr. Miller is only 19?

Understandably, with all this hype, and then a debut album Blue Slide Park (2011) that as a whole is really only so-so, most music critics listening to Mac Miller are a-little-less-than-enthusiastic, hesitant to embrace the phenom. Mac's a young kid with a lot of potential. But will he make good music? Will he change the direction of rap music? Will he blow up the show?

I honestly don't really know. I'm not an expert and I can't read the future.
But like this guy who learned a thing from his 19-year-old niece listening to Mac, I can say I'm learning things from people younger than me [or "I"] - just like the rules of grammar, the rules of music and what works and what's hot and what's not are all changing.
I learned about Mac Miller from one of my students: he said, Check out "Nikes on my Feet" and anything else you like. I did. And I'm happier for it.

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